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Process Intensification Network (PIN)



Membership of the Process Intensification Network is open to all interested parties, companies, research laboratories, academic institutions and individuals, regardless of size, provided that they can see benefits from participation in the Network, in particular leading to further development, use and exploitation of process intensification.


PIN is a bridge between academia and industry. Its principal roles include technology transfer, education and promotion of awareness.


Current membership is about 350, 50% being from industry and the balance divided between research institutes and Universities. A substantial proportion of members are from overseas, predominantly from Continental Europe.


PIN meetings are held annually at various locations around Europe. Further details can be found in the above link.



Materials, Concepts and Reaction Engineering (MatCoRE)



The MatCoRE Group, headed by Prof Ian Metcalfe, is another chemical engineering group based in the School of Engineering (Newcastle University). The MatCoRE Group focuses on achieving process intensification through the exploitation of ion transport in membrane design (e.g. for carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and hydrogen production ) and materials research for novel chemical looping processes (or dynamic redox processes) as well as some catalytic work with the interfaces found in these application areas. The group has received generous funding from Engineering and Physical Science Research council (EPSRC) and European Research Council (ERC) with further collaboration and support from UK and European institutions and industrial partners.




Heat EXchanger Action Group (HEXAG)



HEXAG is a group of organisations involved in the manufacture and use of heat exchangers or with interests in the further development of heat exchanger technology. Currently there are some 300 members from a range of organisations.


HEXAG provides a regular forum for the interchange of information on all aspects of advances in heat exchanger technology. This encourages collaboration between manufacturers, users and researchers in the further development of advanced exchangers and helps to stimulate the industrial use of the technology.


The group provides industry with information which enables them to make informed decisions on supporting development activities and on the application of advanced exchangers. The transfer of information between members is achieved through regular meetings of the group, through the newsletter and through a newsgroup. The meetings usually coincide with the annual PIN meetings, forming a two day event. Further details can be found in the above link.




 Last modified: 11-Jul-2022