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Academic Staff

Research Areas: Research Areas:
Spinning Disc Reactors (SDRs) Oscillatory Baffled Reactors (OBRs)
Polymerisation Biofuel Processing
Bio-intensification Heterogeneous catalysis
Micro-reactors Particle Image Velocity
Dr Kamelia Boodhoo     Prof Adam Harvey
Senior Lecturer Professor of Process Intensification    
Research Areas: Research Areas:
Heat Pipes
Rotating packed beds Thermal Management
Heat pipes  
Catalytic Plate Reactors  
Spinning Disc Heat Transfer  
Dr Jon Lee     Prof David Reay    
Lecturer Visiting Professor  
Research Areas: Research Areas:
Algal Biofuels Mesoscale oscillatory baffled reactors
  Biofuels Processing from waste
Dr Sharon Velasquez-Orta Dr Anh Phan
Lecturer     Lecturer    
Research Areas: Research Areas:
Micro-fluidised bed Further utilisation of Lignin
Granular dynamics Biodiesel production
  Removal of heavy-metals and dyes from wastewater via adsorption
Dr Vladimir Zivkovic     Dr Nasir Al-Lagtah    
Lecturer     Lecturer    
[Picture to follow] Research Areas:
Dr Fernando Russo-Abegao          
Teaching Fellow          


Research Associates & Visitors


Dr Valentine Eze Dr Richard Law Dr Ana Lopez Dr Ahmad Mustaffar
  Research Associate Research Associate Research Associate Research Associate  
  EPSRC EU EPSRC Horizon 2020  
  CL4W: Cleaning land for Wealth RenewX Sustainable Polymers IbD  
  Working with: Working with: Working with: Malaysian Government  
  Prof Harvey Prof Harvey Prof Harvey    
    [Photo to follow]

  Dr Haoyu Wang Dr Kui Zhang    
    Research Associate Research Associate    
    Horizon 2020 EPSRC    
    IbD Supergen Bioenergy    
  Working with: Working with:
  Dr Boodhoo Prof Harvey

Research Students


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Richard Abernethy Safaa Ahmed Abdullah Al-Abduly Ahmed Al-Hatrooshi Muayad Al-Karawi Luma Al-Saadi
Crystallisation using mesoscale oscillatory baffled reactors Scale up of oscillatory helically-baffled reactors Ozone Application in Chemical Processing using OBR TBC TBC Investigation of new routes and conditions for biodiesel production using mesoscale oscillatory baffled reactors
1. Prof  Harvey 1. Prof Harvey 1. Prof Christensen 1. Prof Harvey 1. Dr Lee 1. Prof Harvey
2. Dr Phan 2. Dr Phan 2. Prof Harvey     2. Dr Eze
    3. Dr Kui Zhang      
EPSRC tbc King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST)
(Saudi Arabia)
tbc tbc tbc






[Picture to follow]
Auwal Aliyu Chukwuma Anyigor Akeem Babatunde Xenia Christodoulou Julio Da Costa Ruili Feng
Catalytic cracking of Algae for Biofuel Production Process Intensification of Fischer Tropsch Synthesis for natural gas to liquid (GTL) fuel production Reactive Extraction for Biodiesel Production Bioelectrochemical Systems to produce energy and chemicals Hydrodynamic study of micro circulating fluidised bed Evaluation of Process Intensification in Early Development or Retrofitting Existing Processes for Green and Sustainability Benefits
1. Prof Harvey 1. Dr Lee 1. Prof Harvey 1. Dr Orta 1. Dr Zivkovic 1. Dr Boodhoo
2. Dr Lee   2. Dr Lee 2. Prof Head (CEGS) 2. Prof Reay  
      EPSRC tbc Economic Development Board (Singapore) &
PTDF, Nigeria Ebonyi State Scholarship Scheme, (Nigeria) Tertiary Education Trust Fund
[Picture to follow] [Picture to follow]
Mohamad Gunam Resul Jonathan Harris Toluwanimi Kolawole Jonathon McDonough Teuku Mukhriza Malik Musthofa
tbc Development of a bio-oil production process from waste wood feedstocks Process intensification of CO2 absorption with Rotating Packed Bed (RPB) using tertiary amines Process Development using Oscillatory Baffled Mesoreactors Integrated Plasma reactors for Catalytic Syngas Conversion to Fuels and Chenicals Catalytic Cracking of Triglycerides for Biofuels Production
tbc 1. Dr Phan 1. Dr Lee 1. Prof Harvey 1. Dr Phan 1. Prof Harvey
tbc 2. Dr Zhang 2. Prof Reay 2. Dr Phan 2. Dr Kui Zhang 2. Dr Lee
  EPSRC Self-funded EPSRC Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia
[Picture to follow] [picture to follow] [picture to follow]
David Kilama Okot Victoria Outram Phuet Prasertcharoensuk Antony Prince Abdul Rehman Faisal Saleem
Pyrolysis of waste biomass for energy and bio-char for soil amendment In Situ Solvent Recovery TBC Design and Development anti-fouling membranes with nano-structured materials and its application in water filtration technology tbc Treatment of biomass gasification tars with non-thermal plasmas
1. Dr Anh Phan 1. Prof Harvey 1. Dr Phan Dr Boodhoo tbc 1. Prof Harvey
Dr. Paul Bilsborrow 2. Dr Lee     tbc 1. Dr Zhang
  EPSRC /Green Biologics Ltd   Postgraduate Research Scholarship Scheme (Singapore) tbc  
[picture to follow]      
Sahr Sana Laura Diaz Silvarrey Abbas Umar Yong Wang    
Crystallisation in the Spinning Disc Reactor Pyrolysis of municipal plastic waste into fuel and chemicals Ciliates removal in microalgae culture using foam column separation technique The production of calcium carbonate crystals in foam    
1. Dr Boodhoo 1. Dr Phan 1. Dr Lee 1. Dr Lee    
  2. Dr Zhang 2. Dr Caldwell      
  Self-funded PTDF, Nigeria tbc    


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