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PIG News: March 2015

Welcome to the monthly PIG newsletter!

Welcome to the Group

This month it is our pleasure to welcome Dr Jeet Varia to the group who will be working for Dr Velasquez-Orta on a new microbial fuel cell biosensor for the on-site, real-time monitoring of urban groundwater quality.

Upcoming events

Newcastle University will again host the HEXAG (Heat Exchanger Action Group) and PIN (Process Intensification Network) annual meetings on the 19th & 20th of May 2015 (with a dinner for those attending one or both of the meetings on the evening of the 19th). The HEXAG meeting will cover all aspects of heat transfer, energy storage, heat exchangers and renewable energy. The PIN meeting will cover all aspects of process intensification.

Anyone wishing to attend the HEXAG meeting should contact Professor Reay.

Anyone wishing to attend the PIN meeting should contact Professor Harvey.


Recent Publications


J.R. McDonough, A.N. Phan, A.P. Harvey. Rapid process development using oscillatory baffled mesoreactors - A state-of-the-art review. Chemical Engineering Journal 265 (2015) 110-121






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