Announcement - Special Issue: 'Advances in Bioprocess Intensification' for Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification
Submissions opening on 1st October 2020; final submission deadline of 31st January 2021

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  Dr Jonathan Lee
B.Eng. (Hons) Chemical and Processing Engineering

Ph.D. Chemical and Process Engineering

Senior Lecturer


Jon joined CEAM in 1997 from the University of Bradford. Previously to this he had worked for Prof. Colin Ramshaw at the University of Newcastle as a Ph.D. student and research associate, on intensified liquid-liquid contactors for solvent extraction. In 1995 he went to the University of Bradford to work as a lecturer. Whilst at Bradford he carried out research on solvent extraction and electrically enhanced coalescence. He also gained expertise in computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Since 1997 he has worked on liquid dispersion using slot nozzles, multiphase flow in micro-channels, intensified fuel cells and compact condensers. His expertise is in solvent extraction, multiphase flow in rotating process equipment, modelling intensified process equipment and computational fluid dynamics. He has industrial experience with Cargill UK, Alcan and ICI. As a result of the experience he gained in vegetable oil extraction and refining at Cargill UK, he became interested in the production of Biodiesel.


Research Interests

1. Rotating Packed Beds

2. Biofuel and chemical production from algae

3. Algae Harvesting

4. Computational Fluid Dynamics


Current Work

1. Intensification of solvent based post combustion carbon capture using rotating packed beds

2. Hydrodynamics of co current and counter current multiphase flows in rotating systems

3. Harvesting of marine micro algae using a foam column

4. Selective removal of ciliates from algal culture using a foam column particle production in a foam column

5. Catalytic pyrolysis of micro algae.

6. Catalytic cracking of vegetable oil.




A full list of publications can be found here.


Contact details


Tel: +44 191 208 5201

Fax: +44 191 208 5292




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