Announcement - Special Issue: 'Advances in Bioprocess Intensification' for Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification
Submissions opening on 1st October 2020; final submission deadline of 31st January 2021

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  Dr Marija Vicevic
BSc (University of Belgrade)
PhD (Newcastle University)

Teaching Fellow

Research Interests

  • Process intensification, green chemistry, polymerisations, crystallisation, reaction kinetics

  • Catalytic rearrangement of a-pinene oxide in a spinning disc reactor (SDR)

  • Adipic acid crystallisation in a spinning disc reactor (SDR)

  • Kinetics and mechanisms of rapid radical polymerisations in spinning disc reactors (SDRs)




List of publications available here.


Contact details


Tel: +44 (0)191 208 7285




 Last modified: 10-Sep-2020