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  Jonathan McDonough
MEng (Newcastle University)
PhD Student (Newcastle University)*
*Undertaking temporary interruption

Research Assistant

Current Project:

Applications of 3D Printed Fluidic Oscillators

Fluidic oscillators use internal feedback to induce periodic oscillations. By operating these devices with multiple outlet channels, periodic flow switching between the channels leading to dual stream pulsations can be achieved. This principle is shown below in Figure 1. In a previous study [1], the switching frequencies obtained in single feedback loop oscillators containing two outlet channels was investigated. Here the effects of geometry and fluid property were investigated. It was shown that frequencies in the range of 2-22 Hz could be produced for Re = 600-12,000 using water and water-glycerol mixtures.


Fig. 1 - Flow switching mechanism in a single feedback loop bistable oscillator; (a) wall attachment and formation of separation bubble, (b) growth of the separation bubble via flow around the feedback channel, (c) switching of the main jet to the other outlet [1]


Fig. 2 - Various 3D printed oscillator designs (single feedback loop) used to investigate the effect of geometry on flow-switching frequency


The aim of the current project is to test these oscillators in a variety of applications relevant to process intensification. These areas are:

1. Liquid distribution

2. Plug flow generation (a no-moving-parts OBR)

3. Enhanced heat transfer

4. Enhanced mass transfer

5. Enhanced mixing

6. Further modification of the design (e.g. lower Re designs)


  1. McDonough JR, Law R, Kraemer J, Harvey AP. Effect of geometric parameters on flow-switching frequencies in 3D printed fluidic oscillators containing different liquids. Chemical Engineering Research and Design 117 (2017) 228-239


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