New Fully Funded PhD Project Available (Extended Application Deadline: TBD)

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A Mesoscale Bioreactor for Continuous Mode, Scaleable Screening of Fermentations


We aim to diversify our existing work on mesoscale oscillatory baffled reactors into bioreactions, as these reactors are theoretically excellent continuous bioreactors, exhibiting low, uniform shear and plug flow (for reproducible, uniform processing history). However, there are numerous considerations to be taken into account when designing a bioreactor rather than a chemical reactor. These include ensuring sterilisability, minimising stagnation points, gas input and output etc.


We intend to design, build and characterise modular mesoscale bioreactors, able to accommodate 24h reaction times, whilst remaining bench-scale.

Note that this project is available immediately, and the equipment required is already up and running.


For more details, please contact Prof Adam Harvey or Dr Anh Phan.




 Last modified: 04-Aug-2017