New Fully Funded PhD Project Available (Extended Application Deadline: TBD)

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OBRs as Batch Reactors


OBRs offer a range of advantages for bioreactions:


  • Uniform mixing patterns, leading to uniform distribution of nutrients, temperature, etc

  • Effective heat transfer, which may improve temperature control in some applications, particularly with viscous broths

  • Lower energy consumption than equivalent STRs

  • A controllable low shear suitable for shear-sensitive cultures

  • Reduced foaming, due to reduced surface area, and absence of surface vortex


We are currently designing and building OBRs as batch bioreactors. However we are at an early stage, and there are many design iterations to be undertaken. A PhD project is available to develop these first designs, based on understanding the interactions of the fluid mechanics, mass transfer and bioreaction kinetics.


For more information please contact Prof Adam Harvey.




 Last modified: 04-Aug-2017