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  Teuku Mukhriza

Postgraduate Student

Integrated Process Intensified Plasma Reactors for Catalytic Syngas Conversion to Fuels and Chemicals


The major factors contributing to the activity and product selectivity of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis involve reactor enhancement and the modification of catalyst in nanoscale. The aim of the research was to develop an integrated approach to convert syngas to liquid fuels and other value added chemicals over various catalysts under non-thermal plasma conditions through Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. The unique properties of the plasma which has chemically reactive species is expected to efficiently perform reactions under low temperature and ambient pressure. Furthermore, catalysts prepared with nanoparticle size are also expected to provide positive synergistic effect with DBD plasma and to improve CO conversion as well as increase selectivity towards long chain hydrocarbons (C5+).




 Last modified: 04-Aug-2017