Announcement - Special Issue: 'Advances in Bioprocess Intensification' for Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification
Submissions opening on 1st October 2020; final submission deadline of 31st January 2021

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  Graham Lewis

Postgraduate Student

Heat Transfer on Spinning Disc Reactors


Heat transfer and evaporation on the Spinning Disc Reactor (SDR). Investigating the heating of fluids of various viscosities on an oil-heated disc in order to study heating and evaporative rates.  Research has involved the use of an infra-red camera for thermal imaging of the fluid on the disc surface and the heating pattern of the disc resulting from underside heating fluid when no liquid is flowing on the topside.


Values for the local heat transfer co-efficients (on each side of the disc) and the overall heat transfer co-efficient have been produced, and evidence for nucleate boiling (or otherwise) has been sought.  These results are to be compared with evaporative rates from the disc.


For more information please contact Dr Jon Lee.





 Last modified: 10-Sep-2020