New Fully Funded PhD Project Available (Extended Application Deadline: TBD)

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  Dena Ghiasy

Postgraduate Student

Modelling and Control of a Rotating Disk Contactor


The aim of this project is to develop a practicable strategy for the control of a rotating disk contactor in which a neutralisation reaction takes place. To achieve this, firstly, the necessary instrumentation has to be specified to enable the experimental determination of input-output models relating the different inputs and outputs of the contactor. These models would allow analyses via simulation, of the dynamics and interactions within the system and hence provide a platform for the specification and testing of suitable control schemas. An overriding issue is that the candidate strategy has to be as simple as possible. Of particular interest is the use of rotational speed to control the neutralisation. The relative merits of using rotational speed as a manipulated variable, compared to more traditional neutralisation control schemes, will be investigated in detail. The results of simulation studies will be verified by on-line application to the rotating disk contactor.



For more information please contact Dr Kamelia Boodhoo or Dr Ming Tham




 Last modified: 04-Aug-2017