Announcement - Special Issue: 'Advances in Bioprocess Intensification' for Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification
Submissions opening on 1st October 2020; final submission deadline of 31st January 2021

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  Dr Kamelia Boodhoo
MEng (Newcastle University)
PhD (Newcastle University)

Reader in Sustainable Process Technology

Research interests

My research activities in the area of Process Intensification have focused over the last 10 years on the development of the spinning disc reactor (SDR) and its application to polymerisation reactions including free-radical styrene polymerisation, photopolymerisation of styrene and n-butyl acrylate as well as co-monomers,   cationic polymerisation of styrene using immobilised Lewis acid catalysts and surfactant-free emulsion polymerisation. 


More recently, a number of fundamental studies on residence time distribution, micromixing and hydrodynamics of thin film flow have been undertaken in order to better understand the characteristics of thin film flow in the SDR and how to optimise these in better designing such systems for applications to a range of processes.

Recently, I have also been investigating the application of intensified reactor technologies to bioprocesses such as fermentation reactions. In particular, I have worked on the intensification of the fermentation of P. Putida using rotating mesh agitators in order to increase cell growth rate and PHA yield.


I also have a keen interest in intensification applications involving green chemistry and engineering such as ionic liquid processing and renewable resources such as the use of biomass for biofuels and biopolymers.


Click on the links below for more in-depth information:


1. Intensified bioreactors

2. Micro-reactors

3. Production of nano-particles on the SDR

4. Intensified polymerisation

5. Crystallisation on the SDR

6. Organic catalytic reactions on the SDR




A full list of publications can be found here.


Contact details


Tel: +44 191 208 7264

Fax: +44 191 208 5292




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