Announcement - Special Issue: 'Advances in Bioprocess Intensification' for Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification
Submissions opening on 1st October 2020; final submission deadline of 31st January 2021

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  Farizul Bin Hazim

Postgraduate Student

Development of Biodiesel In-Situ Transesterification Process from J. Curcas seeds


Objectives of Research

  •  The main objective of the research is to develop a process extracting and reacting oil seed in a single step process, producing mono alkyl ester. To achieve that, every parameters involve in the process will be investigated.

  • Reaction kinetic rate is the most important parameter to know in order to understand the reaction. Therefore, the project will investigate the reaction path of the process and at the end of the study will propose the reaction kinetic rates for the process.

  • It is also an objective of this project to develop a complete process design for the plant, including the downstream processing steps. To accomplish this, the complete material balance will be calculated. 

  • Lastly, the quality of biodiesel obtained will be determined to meet EN 14214 specification.


Scope of Study

  • Non edible Jatropha curcas seeds from India will be used as a raw material in this research. This is because Jatropha has been seen as a potential source of biodiesel.

  • The research will involve the usage of catalysts. However, only commercial transesterification catalyst will be used in this project. It is not an objective of this project to develop a new catalyst.


For more information please contact Prof Adam Harvey or Dr Jon Lee.




 Last modified: 10-Sep-2020