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Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide using "Higee"


In view of the current CO2 emission legislation many companies are becoming interested in new technology which will allow them to capture and the sequester CO2 which is present in stack gases. As the Norwegian government is taking this issue very seriously, Norsk Hydro has supported a 3-year experimental programme at Newcastle to demonstrate the use of Monoethanolamine solutions to absorb CO2 from simulated flue gases. The equipment used is the rotating packed bed (Higee) gas/liquid contactor which was conceived and developed by Ramshaw in the 1980's when he was at ICI.


The unit comprises a rotor 45cm OD with an axial packing thickness of 2.5cm. The effective radial packing depth is 12cm and the rotor speed is varied up to 1000 RPM. CO2 recoveries up to 99% were achieved. This technology is particularly relevant to offshore exploitation in view of the very compact nature of the Higee configuration. A further development under construction involves an integral reboiler for steam generation.


Fig. 1 - New pilot scale facility to test amines for CO2 capture

Fig. 2 - Rotating Packed Bed


Dr Jon Lee



 Last modified: 11-Jan-2019