New Fully Funded PhD Project Available (Extended Application Deadline: TBD)

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Intensification of Reactions/Reactors using Heat Pipes


Heat transfer is always an important part of reactor design. Heat pipes are an extremely rapid and efficient, but passive, method of transferring heat, but have seldom been used in reactors. Tight control of heat transfer can significantly affect product yield and quality in a wide range of industrial processes. In this project we will design, build and evaluate a range of heat pipe-containing reactors for applications where heat transfer is critical, including highly exothermic reactions and various bioreactions.


Prof David Reay, one of the supervisors of this work, is an acknowledged World expert on heat pipe design and applications. See here for details of a previous project involving heat pipes.


For more details, please contact Prof Adam Harvey, Prof David Reay or Dr Kamelia Boodhoo.




 Last modified: 04-Aug-2017